Q: How can you get hundreds of people to record their work schedules through a variety of channels, from different locations, at any hour of the day, and then review the information, lock it, and aggregate it in a well-ordered process?

A: GoTimePlus

GoTimePlus is cloud-based software to keep track of employee work hours.
  1. Payroll professionals can use a web-based interface to configure and manage employee accounts.
  2. Employees can create their work hour data in a variety of ways:
    • Clock IN and Clock OUT via personal mobile device with an app that stores credentials
    • Clock IN and Clock OUT on a dedicated site with Employee number or other identifying string
    • Build a schedule online either before, during, or after a pay period
    • Carry forward custom schedules from period-to-period
    • Choose a standard schedule from pre-defined templates
  3. Supervisors can review and approve employee schedules at the end of a pay period.
  4. Payroll professionals can lock data and pull reporting information as needed.


Employee manager

Create as many employee accounts as you need. They may be marked in-active to be removed from daily use. Employees may be grouped by Department and by (user defined) JobTypes. You may optionally store emergency contact information, hire date, payroll notes, etc.


Employees can be assigned more than one JobRole, with each JobRole potentially having a different pay rate. If an employee account is configured this way, time worked can be marked with any of these multiple JobRoles.


Your payroll professional has the ability to define paycodes. For example:
  • Regular - paid
  • Paid Time Off
  • Holiday
  • Overtime
  • ...
Paycodes can be used to separate out work per budget or per funding agency.

Shift differentials

Offer payment incentives for working unpopular hours. You may define shift differentials and apply any combination of them to any work shift.


Compensation for time worked can be paid out in cash, or it can be stored in an "hour bank" to be paid out at a later time. Hour banks can be (optionally) constrained to remain within a range [0 - User_defined_maximum]. Hour banks can be credited periodically. For example, 80 hours of paid-time-off can be added to an employee account at the beginning of the year.

Three-fold approval

At the end of a pay period, an Employee's schedule can be reviewed and approved by
  • the Employee
  • their Supervisor
  • the appropriate Department head
Any employee account can be configured with multiple supervisors and/or multiple department heads.

Approval can be revoked in the event that a change needs to be made. The supervisor or department head is notified via email when their approval is removed.

Contact us

GoTimePlus is sold and supported by Steve Firebaugh. The best way to contact him is steve@leumtech.com


The price for GoTimePlus is $2 per active employee account per month.

We prefer a monthly fixed rate invoice, so please call and we can discuss a reasonable price for your situation.

For institutions with a small number of employees, the price floor is $240 / year.

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